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Ecosystem Component Description
Bower toastr toastrs bower repo
Bower swfobject An open source Javascript framework for detecting the Adobe Flash Player plugin and embedding Flash (swf) files.
Bower ngstorage localStorage and sessionStorage done right for AngularJS.
Bower google-libphonenumber A lightweight wrapper for Google's libphonenumber.
Bower requirejs-plugins RequireJS Plugins
Bower Sockets for the rest of us
Bower angular-loading
Bower ngkookies More powerful replacer for built-in Angular $cookieStore (
Bower uri.js Javascript URL mutation library
Bower xregexp Extended JavaScript regular expressions
Bower requirejs-domready An AMD loader plugin for detecting DOM ready
Bower async
Bower sass-web-fonts A Sass mixin to allow easy
Bower lodash-compat The compatibility build of lodash modular utilities.
Bower html5shiv This script is the defacto way to enable use of HTML5 sectioning elements in legacy Internet Explorer.
Bower ember-load-initializers Ember loadInitializers is a tiny package to autoload your initializer files in EAK and ember-cli.
Bower Plug-ins for DataTables
Bower pathseg A polyfill for SVG's SVGPathSeg and SVGPathSegList
Bower ember-qunit
Bower ember-qunit-notifications tomster-ified qunit-notifications
Bower wow Reveal CSS animation as you scroll down a page
Bower jquery.scrollbar jQuery CSS Customizable Scrollbar
Bower jscolor-picker
Bower jquery-scrolltofixed This plugin is used to fix elements on the page (top
Bower jqBootstrapValidation A JQuery validation framework for bootstrap forms.
Bower ember
Bower qunit-notifications Web Notifications support for QUnit in-browser test suites
Bower loader.js
Bower jszip Create
Bower ember-c3 :chart_with_upwards_trend: Ember addon library for C3, a D3-based reusable chart library.
Bower ember-cli-shims
Bower ember-cli-test-loader
Bower superslides A fullscreen
Bower pdfmake
Bower ember-data Shim repository for EmberJSs Data component.
Bower datatables-colreorder Column reordering plug-in for DataTables
Bower imagesloaded-packaged
Bower pikaday
Bower yui A library for building richly interactive web applications.
Bower jquery-migrate shim repo for jQuery Migrate package
Bower paper-listbox
Bower jquery-validation-unobtrusive Add-on to jQuery Validation to enable unobtrusive validation options in data-* attributes.
Bower jquery-validation jQuery Validation Plugin
Bower vis Dynamic
Bower angular-resource angular-resource bower repo
Bower angular-route angular-route bower repo