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Cargo winapi-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu Import libraries for the x86_64-pc-windows-gnu target. Please don't use this crate directly, depend on winapi instead.
Cargo fuchsia-zircon Rust bindings for the Zircon kernel
Cargo fuchsia-zircon-sys Low-level Rust bindings for the Zircon kernel
Cargo smallvec 'Small vector' optimization: store up to a small number of items on the stack
Cargo ryu Fast floating point to string conversion
Cargo cc A build-time dependency for Cargo build scripts to assist in invoking the native C compiler to compile native C code into a static archive to be linked into Rust code.
Cargo version_check Tiny crate to check the version of the installed/running rustc.
Cargo net2 Extensions to the standard library's networking types as proposed in RFC 1158.
Cargo atty A simple interface for querying atty
Cargo aho-corasick Fast multiple substring searching with finite state machines.
Cargo fnv Fowler?Noll?Vo hash function
Cargo byteorder Library for reading/writing numbers in big-endian and little-endian.
Cargo bytes Types and traits for working with bytes
Cargo kernel32-sys Contains function definitions for the Windows API library kernel32. See winapi for types and constants.
Cargo syn Parser for Rust source code
Cargo time Utilities for working with time-related functions in Rust.
Cargo dtoa Fast functions for printing floating-point primitives to an io::Write
Cargo num_cpus Get the number of CPUs on a machine.
Cargo serde_derive Macros 1.1 implementation of #[derive(Serialize, Deserialize)]
Cargo num-integer Integer traits and functions
Cargo slab Pre-allocated storage for a uniform data type
Cargo arrayref Macros to take array references of slices
Cargo arrayvec A vector with fixed capacity, backed by an array (it can be stored on the stack too). Implements fixed capacity ArrayVec and ArrayString.
Cargo gimli A blazing fast DWARF debugging format parser.
Cargo httparse A tiny, safe, speedy, zero-copy HTTP/1.x parser.
Cargo term A terminal formatting library
Cargo backtrace A library to acquire a stack trace (backtrace) at runtime in a Rust program.
Cargo humantime A parser and formatter for std::time::{Duration, SystemTime}
Cargo mio-uds Unix domain socket bindings for mio
Cargo rand_pcg Selected PCG random number generators
Cargo crossbeam-deque Concurrent work-stealing deque
Cargo crossbeam-epoch Epoch-based garbage collection
Cargo chrono Date and time library for Rust
Cargo flate2 Bindings to miniz.c for DEFLATE compression and decompression exposed as Reader/Writer streams. Contains bindings for zlib, deflate, and gzip-based streams.
Cargo winapi-build Common code for in WinAPI -sys crates.
Cargo winapi-util A dumping ground for high level safe wrappers over winapi.
Cargo addr2line A cross-platform symbolication library written in Rust, using `gimli`
Cargo regex-syntax A regular expression parser.
Cargo object A unified interface for parsing object file formats.
Cargo memoffset offset_of functionality for Rust structs.
Cargo encoding_rs A Gecko-oriented implementation of the Encoding Standard
Cargo adler32 Minimal Adler32 implementation for Rust.
Cargo ansi_term Library for ANSI terminal colours and styles (bold, underline)
Cargo futures An implementation of futures and streams featuring zero allocations, composability, and iterator-like interfaces.
Cargo clap A simple to use, efficient, and full featured Command Line Argument Parser
Cargo thread_local Per-object thread-local storage
Cargo rustc_version A library for querying the version of a installed rustc compiler
Cargo quick-error A macro which makes error types pleasant to write.
Cargo env_logger A logging implementation for `log` which is configured via an environment variable.
Cargo matches A macro to evaluate, as a boolean, whether an expression matches a pattern.