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Cargo semver Semantic version parsing and comparison.
Cargo semver-parser Parsing of the semver spec.
Cargo either The enum `Either` with variants `Left` and `Right` is a general purpose sum type with two cases.
Cargo rdrand An implementation of random number generator based on rdrand and rdseed instructions
Cargo ws2_32-sys Contains function definitions for the Windows API library ws2_32. See winapi for types and constants.
Cargo mime Strongly Typed Mimes
Cargo mime_guess A simple crate for detection of a file's MIME type by its extension.
Cargo pkg-config A library to run the pkg-config system tool at build time in order to be used in Cargo build scripts.
Cargo toml A native Rust encoder and decoder of TOML-formatted files and streams. Provides implementations of the standard Serialize/Deserialize traits for TOML data to facilitate deserializing and serializing Rust structures.
Cargo constant_time_eq Compares two equal-sized byte strings in constant time.
Cargo serde_urlencoded `x-www-form-urlencoded` meets Serde
Cargo termcolor A simple cross platform library for writing colored text to a terminal.
Cargo openssl-sys FFI bindings to OpenSSL
Cargo rand_isaac ISAAC random number generator
Cargo native-tls A wrapper over a platform's native TLS implementation
Cargo rand_xorshift Xorshift random number generator
Cargo unicase A case-insensitive wrapper around strings.
Cargo unicode-bidi Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
Cargo unicode-normalization This crate provides functions for normalization of Unicode strings, including Canonical and Compatible Decomposition and Recomposition, as described in Unicode Standard Annex #15.
Cargo cookie Crate for parsing HTTP cookie headers and managing a cookie jar. Supports signed and private (encrypted + signed) jars.
Cargo crossbeam-queue Reserved crate name for concurrent queues
Cargo unicode-width Determine displayed width of `char` and `str` types according to Unicode Standard Annex #11 rules.
Cargo vcpkg A library to find native dependencies in a vcpkg tree at build time in order to be used in Cargo build scripts.
Cargo hyper-tls Default TLS implementation for use with hyper
Cargo strsim Implementations of string similarity metrics. Includes Hamming, Levenshtein, OSA, Damerau-Levenshtein, Jaro, and Jaro-Winkler.
Cargo vec_map A simple map based on a vector for small integer keys
Cargo encode_unicode UTF-8 and UTF-16 character types, iterators and related methods for char, u8 and u16.
Cargo indexmap A hash table with consistent order and fast iteration. The indexmap is a hash table where the iteration order of the key-value pairs is independent of the hash values of the keys. It has the usual hash table functionality, it preserves insertion order except after removals, and it allows lookup of its elements by either hash table key or numerical index. A corresponding hash set type is also provided. This crate was initially published under the name ordermap, but it was renamed to indexmap.
Cargo core-foundation Bindings to Core Foundation for OS X
Cargo core-foundation-sys Bindings to Core Foundation for OS X
Cargo h2 An HTTP/2.0 client and server
Cargo textwrap Textwrap is a small library for word wrapping, indenting, and dedenting strings. You can use it to format strings (such as help and error messages) for display in commandline applications. It is designed to be efficient and handle Unicode characters correctly.
Cargo tokio An event-driven, non-blocking I/O platform for writing asynchronous I/O backed applications.
Cargo blake2b_simd a pure Rust BLAKE2b implementation with dynamic SIMD
Cargo difference A Rust text diffing and assertion library.
Cargo futures-cpupool An implementation of thread pools which hand out futures to the results of the computation on the threads themselves.
Cargo rustc-demangle Rust compiler symbol demangling.
Cargo foreign-types A framework for Rust wrappers over C APIs
Cargo foreign-types-shared An internal crate used by foreign-types
Cargo http A set of types for representing HTTP requests and responses.
Cargo uuid A library to generate and parse UUIDs.
Cargo try-lock A lightweight atomic lock.
Cargo tokio-udp UDP bindings for tokio.
Cargo tokio-uds Unix Domain sockets for Tokio
Cargo failure Experimental error handling abstraction.
Cargo failure_derive derives for the failure crate
Cargo error-chain Yet another error boilerplate library.
Cargo schannel Schannel bindings for rust, allowing SSL/TLS (e.g. https) without openssl
Cargo platforms Rust platform registry with information about valid Rust platforms (target triple, target_arch, target_os) sourced from Rust Forge
Cargo prettytable-rs A library for printing pretty formatted tables in terminal