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Ecosystem Component Description
Clojars alandipert/storage-atom ClojureScript atoms backed by HTML5 web storage.
Clojars apps/shapes3d Processing Plugin
Clojars aws-clj/sts clojure veneer over the v2 aws sdk api for security token service
Clojars biiwide/bad-advice This is probably a bad idea, but...
Clojars bridg/franzy Clojure Kafka client with support for Kafka producer, consumer, rebalancing, administration, and validation.
Clojars carry/carry ClojureScript single-page application framework.
Clojars channel2/channel2 "A Clojure library designed to scraping Japanese bulletin board ""2ch""."
Clojars cli-matic/cli-matic Compact [sub]command line parsing library, for Clojure
Clojars clj-gandi/clj-gandi Gandi Api wrapper
Clojars clj-net-pcap/clj-net-pcap clj-net-pcap is a wrapper/adapter/facade (No matter how you want to call it.) around jNetPcap that enables and eases packet capturing and processing with Clojure.
Clojars clj-tf/clj-tf Using Tensorflow with Clojure
Clojars cljs-template-one/lein-template A lein-newnew template for clojurescript projects
Clojars cljsjs/libphonenumber Google's JavaScript library for parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers.
Clojars cljsjs/tv4 Tiny Validator for v4 JSON Schema
Clojars clojureverbalexpressions/clojureverbalexpressions Port of the Verbal Expressions lib for Clojure
Clojars codebrutale/lein-template A Leiningen template customized for Code Brutale
Clojars com.bradlucas/broadway Broadway lottery results
Clojars com.flipkart.aesop/sample-elastic-search-client-cluster-consumer Sample Elastic Search Client Cluster
Clojars com.github.kyleburton/clj-bloom Bloom Filter implementation in Clojure, see also:
Clojars com.keminglabs/chosen ClojureScript wrapper for Chosen <select> library
Clojars com.murphydye/mishmash FIXME: write description
Clojars com.rallydev/clj-rally A clojure library for interating with Rally's webservice API.
Clojars com.tiltontec/webmx A Web un-framework for the Matrix (dataflow library)
Clojars com.zimpler/cljs-test-dom-report FIXME: write description
Clojars croque/croque Component wrapper for Chronical Queue
Clojars datopia/saldo datalog primitives for accounting, voting and more.
Clojars degree9/lounge.drawer
Clojars dk.brics.automaton/automaton dk brics fast regular expression automaton
Clojars dwolla-sdk-clojure/dwolla-sdk-clojure Dwolla API wrapper in Clojure
Clojars employeerepublic/er-model ER backend model access
Clojars factual/honey
Clojars flycouchdb/flycouchdb Migration tool for CouchDB
Clojars fundingcircle/jackdaw A Clojure library for the Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform.
Clojars goboard/goboard
Clojars halleck/halleck log4j appender
Clojars hodur/lacinia-schema
Clojars im.chit/gita git on song
Clojars info.yasuhisay/liblinear Clojure wrapper for libliner
Clojars io.jesi/dbscan Clojure(script) implementation of the DBSCAN clustering algorithm
Clojars jarohen/wiring A Clojure library to configure and wire-up component-based applications
Clojars jogl/newt-core POM was created from install:install-file
Clojars kaitanie/titanium Titanium a powerful Clojure graph library build on top of Aurelius Titan
Clojars koan-template/koan-template Koan template generator for Koan projects!
Clojars lein-amp/lein-amp Leiningen plugin for generating Alfresco Module Package (AMP) files.
Clojars lein-ivy/lein-ivy An Apache Ivy plugin for Leiningen.
Clojars lein-teamcity/lein-teamcity Leiningen TeamCity integration
Clojars logic-extensions/logic-extensions Extensions to Clojure's core.logic library
Clojars mappy/mappy
Clojars me.maverickbozo/clj-jwplatform FIXME: write description
Clojars miikka/pinkeys Leiningen/Boot plugin for pinning the PGP keys for your dependencies.