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Ecosystem Component Description
Clojars mtg-sdk/mtg-sdk API for Magic: the Gathering card information
Clojars net.cgrand/macrovich A set of three macros to ease writing `*.cljc` supporting Clojure, Clojurescript and self-hosted Clojurescript.
Clojars newt/newt NEWT
Clojars oiiku-ring-env/oiiku-ring-env
Clojars org.bmillare/dj.peg A simple parsing expression grammar defined parser generator
Clojars org.clojars.aseipp/jogg jogg library
Clojars org.clojars.cemerick/dorothy Hiccup-style generation of Graphviz graphs
Clojars org.clojars.ddellacosta/clj-aws-s3 Clojure Amazon S3 library.
Clojars org.clojars.fresh2def/cascade inform collection items with cascading data
Clojars org.clojars.icylisper/rabbitmq-client rabbitmq client for java
Clojars org.clojars.jws/ring-etag-middleware
Clojars org.clojars.magomimmo/shoreleave-browser A smarter client-side with ClojureScript : Shoreleave's enhanced browser utilities
Clojars org.clojars.myfreeweb/korma Tasty SQL for Clojure
Clojars org.clojars.owl/clojure.otp OTP-like System for clojure
Clojars org.clojars.ray1729/clj-ldap Clojure ldap client (development fork of alienscience's clj-ldap).
Clojars org.clojars.sean-vincent/ansi Simple ANSI text stuff.
Clojars org.clojars.tavisrudd/redis-clojure An older client lib for Redis. Use Carmine for new projects.
Clojars org.clojars.wambat/humane-test-output Humane test output for clojure.test
Clojars org.cyverse/mescal A Clojure client library for the Agave API.
Clojars org.immutant/leiningen-core Library for core functionality of Leiningen.
Clojars org.purefn/kurosawa.log A Kurosawa library for logging.
Clojars otto-de/lambdacd-lineup LambdaCD library to integrate Lineup
Clojars pe-jdbc-utils/pe-jdbc-utils A Clojure library of helper functions when working with JDBC.
Clojars postdoc/postdoc After-the-fact documentation for Clojure projects
Clojars push/push Push language interpreter
Clojars re-frame/re-frame A Clojurescript MVC-like Framework For Writing SPAs Using Reagent.
Clojars respo/respo
Clojars ring.velocity/ring.velocity Render apache velocity template for ring in clojure.
Clojars ru.prepor.component/ring component-aware ring utility
Clojars sendgrid/sendgrid sendgrid wrapper
Clojars sliver/sliver A library to ease the simulation of native Erlang nodes.
Clojars stand-lib/stand-lib Helpers for Web Dev with re-frame
Clojars swank-clojure/swank-clojure Swank server connecting Clojure to Emacs SLIME
Clojars techascent/tech.parallel Library for parallelization primitives
Clojars threatgrid/ring-graphql-voyager GraphQL Voyager for Ring apps
Clojars transactified/transactified transactified - A byte code based rewrite to make Java classes sensitive to Clojure transactions, i.e., the state of an instantiated object of a rewritten class will be rolled back during a failed transaction.
Clojars unifycle/unifycle A unification library for Clojure
Clojars vlist/vlist
Clojars wormbase/datomic-rest-api REST API for retrieving data from datomic on a per widget basis
Clojars zalgo/zalgo FIXME: write description
Clojars zuldi/jeromq zeromq POJO implementation
Clojars alandipert/upcase A ridiculous library that only upper-cases text files.
Clojars appstore/appstore
Clojars aws-java-sdk/aws-java-sdk The Amazon Web Services SDK for Java provides Java APIs for building software on AWS
Clojars biiwide/deepend Idiomatic object pools in Clojure.
Clojars bridg/generate Duct generators for lein-generate
Clojars carry-atom-sync/carry-atom-sync Carry middleware for creating a bidirectional sync between an app model and a specified atom-like reference.
Clojars chantrix/chantrix async extensions, composable middleware, and feedback control for core.async
Clojars cli4clj/cli4clj Create simple interactive CLIs for Clojure applications.
Clojars clj-gatling/clj-gatling Clojure library for load testing