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Clojars clj-netty/clj-netty Clojure rpc based on netty and core.async
Clojars clj-tfidf/clj-tfidf FIXME: write description
Clojars cljs-test/lein-template A Leinigen template to test ClojureScript apps
Clojars cljsjs/libtess Polygon tesselation library
Clojars cljsjs/tween JavaScript Tweening library
Clojars clojurewerkz/archimedes Clojure wrapper for Tinkerpop Blueprints
Clojars codebrutale/pandoras A mixed bag of Clojure stuff
Clojars com.bradlucas/csv-widths Clojure command line application which returns the widths of csv file columns
Clojars com.flipkart.aesop/sample-hbase-client-cluster-consumer Sample HBase Client Cluster Consumer
Clojars com.github.kyleburton/clj-etl-utils ETL Utilities
Clojars com.keminglabs/cljx Static Clojure code rewriting
Clojars com.murphydye/repository FIXME: write description
Clojars com.rallydev/clojure-mail Clojure Email Library
Clojars com.tiltontec/xhr XMLHttpRequest for the Matrix (dataflow library)
Clojars com.zoowar/codec write description
Clojars cross-parinfer/cross-parinfer A library that wraps Parinfer for Clojure and ClojureScript
Clojars datreactor/datreactor Event and effect dispatch and handling (transactions/coordination) mechanisms for Cljc apps with DataScript databases
Clojars degree9/lounge.infra
Clojars dkonishi/lein-ring Leiningen Ring plugin
Clojars dwr71/jargon-repl Convenience functions for testing iRODS Jargon in a Clojure REPL.
Clojars employeerepublic/esearch Elastic Search REST client for Clojure
Clojars factual/jlk-time time functions
Clojars flyer/flyer Clojurescript + Javascript Broadcast Messaging between iFrames, Framesets, and Windows
Clojars fundingcircle/lein-modules Similar to Maven multi-module projects, but less sucky
Clojars goby/goby Develop iOS apps in ClojureScript
Clojars halresource/halresource halresource is a library for building and representing resources in Hypertext Application Format (
Clojars hodur/spec-schema
Clojars im.chit/gorilla-repl A rich REPL for Clojure in the notebook style.
Clojars info.yasuhisay/trove FIXME: write description
Clojars io.jesi/parent
Clojars jarohen/with-open
Clojars jogl/newt-ogl POM was created from install:install-file
Clojars kaj-default/lein-template FIXME: write description
Clojars koh/koh Container of all platform depended code for ClojureSript with support of browser, node and react-native environment
Clojars lein-ancient/lein-ancient Check your Projects for outdated Dependencies.
Clojars lein-jammin/lein-jammin higher-order task that does background checks for stuck processes
Clojars lein-teamcity-report/lein-teamcity-report A leiningen plugin to report test runs and artifacts to TeamCity
Clojars logicadb/logicadb Brain database for logica
Clojars mapr-spout/mapr-spout
Clojars me.maverickbozo/shoreleave-browser A smarter client-side with ClojureScript : Shoreleave's enhanced browser utilities
Clojars mikeclarke/raven-clj Sentry clojure client
Clojars mthomure/apache-commons-matrix Implementation of core.matrix backed by Apache Commons Math matrices
Clojars net.cgrand/megaref STM ref types that allow for more concurrency on associative values.
Clojars newt/newt-all-noawt POM was created from install:install-file
Clojars oj/oj A refreshing way to talk to your database.
Clojars org.bmillare/dj.project dj dynamic utilities, load jars, load native jars, reload jars, and load projects via project.clj files on the fly
Clojars org.clojars.aseipp/jorbis jorbis library
Clojars org.clojars.cemerick/enlive a HTML selector-based (
Clojars org.clojars.ddossot/clj-hazelcast Clojure library for the Hazelcast p2p cluster
Clojars org.clojars.frontrowed/korma Front Row fork of tasty SQL for Clojure