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CocoaPods Atributika Atributika is the easiest and painless way to build NSAttributedString. It is able to detect HTML-like tags, hashtags, any regex or even standard ios data detectors and style them with various attributes like font, color etc.
CocoaPods IQKeyboardManagerSwift Codeless drop-in universal library allows to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover UITextField/UITextView.
CocoaPods TextAttributes An easier way to compose attributed strings
CocoaPods SwiftyContacts A Swift library for Contacts framework.
CocoaPods MTBBarcodeScanner A lightweight, easy-to-use barcode scanning library for iOS 7.
CocoaPods FirebasePerformance Firebase Performance provides insights into the performance characteristics of apps
CocoaPods EVReflection Swift helper library with reflection functions including support for NSCoding, Printable, Hashable, Equatable and JSON
CocoaPods SwiftyJSON SwiftyJSON makes it easy to deal with JSON data in Swift
CocoaPods Kingfisher Kingfisher is a lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and cacheing image from the web. It provides you a chance to use pure Swift alternation in your next app. * Everything in Kingfisher goes asynchronously, not only downloading, but also caching. That means you can never worry about blocking your UI thread. * Multiple-layer cache. Downloaded image will be cached in both memory and disk. So there is no need to download it again and this could boost your app dramatically. * Cache management. You can set the max duration or size the cache could take. And the cache will also be cleaned automatically to prevent taking too much resource. * Modern framework. Kingfisher uses `NSURLSession` and the latest technology of GCD, which makes it a strong and swift framework. It also provides you easy APIs to use. * Cancellable processing task. You can cancel the downloading or retriving image process if it is not needed anymore. * Independent components. You can use the downloader or caching system separately. Or even create your own cache based on Kingfisher's code. * Options to decompress the image in background before render it, which could improve the UI performance. * A category over `UIImageView` for setting image from an url directly.
CocoaPods Bond Bond is a Swift binding framework that takes binding concept to a whole new level - boils it down to just one operator. It's simple, powerful, type-safe and multi-paradigm - just like Swift. Bond was created with two goals in mind: simple to use and simple to understand. One might argue whether the former implies the latter, but Bond will save you some thinking because both are true in this case. Its foundation are two simple classes - everything else are extensions and syntactic sugars.
CocoaPods CropViewController A Swift view controller that enables cropping and rotating of UIImage objects.
CocoaPods CHIPageControl CHIPageControl is a set of cool animated page controls written in Swift to replace boring UIPageControl.
CocoaPods EFQRCode EFQRCode is a lightweight, pure-Swift library for generating pretty QRCode image with input watermark or icon and recognizing QRCode from image, it is based on CoreImage. It provides you a better way to operate QRCode in your app.
CocoaPods Events A framework for managing events in iOS.
CocoaPods OHHTTPStubs A class to stub network requests easily: * Test your apps with fake network data (stubbed from file) * Use customized stubs depending on the requests * Use custom response time to simulate slow network.
CocoaPods JWTDecode A Simple JSON Web Token decoder for iOS that also helps you checking it's expiration date.
CocoaPods Localytics Localytics analytics and marketing platform
CocoaPods RxCocoa * UI extensions * NSURL extensions * KVO extensions
CocoaPods PINOperation Fast, concurrency-limited task queue for iOS and OS X.
CocoaPods Texture Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.
CocoaPods RxSwift "This is a Swift port of []( Like the original [Rx](, its intention is to enable easy composition of asynchronous operations and event streams. It tries to port as many concepts from the original Rx as possible, but some concepts were adapted for more pleasant and performant integration with iOS/OSX environment. Probably the best analogy for those who have never heard of Rx would be: ``` git diff | grep bug | less # linux pipes - programs communicate by sending # sequences of bytes, words, lines, '' terminated strings... ``` would become if written in RxSwift ``` gitDiff().grep(""bug"").less // sequences of swift objects ```"
CocoaPods RxAtomic Atomic primitives for RxSwift.
CocoaPods SwiftLinkPreview It makes a preview from an url, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images.
CocoaPods PINCache Fast, thread safe, parallel object cache for iOS and OS X.
CocoaPods Yoga Yoga is a cross-platform layout engine enabling maximum collaboration within your team by implementing an API many designers are familiar with, and opening it up to developers across different platforms.
CocoaPods DoubleConversion Efficient binary-decimal and decimal-binary conversion routines for IEEE doubles
CocoaPods Webcom Flexible Datasync, no more backend, no more ops. Just you and your front app. Deliver realtime services like a charm.
CocoaPods SideMenu SideMenu is a simple and versatile side menu control. It's highly customizable, but can also be implemented in storyboard without a single line of code. The are three standard animation styles to choose from along with several other options for further customization if desired. Just type and code completion will show you everything you can customize.
CocoaPods glog Google logging module
CocoaPods SwiftyRSA Encrypt with a RSA public key, decrypt with a RSA private key.
CocoaPods ThirdParty
CocoaPods NetworkKit A lightweight iOS, Mac and Watch OS framework that makes networking and parsing super simple. Uses the open-sourced JSONHelper with functional parsing. For networking the library supports basic GET, POST, DELETE HTTP requests.
CocoaPods ImageLoader Library for async image loading on iOS
CocoaPods OnboardingKit A simple and interactive framework for making iOS onboarding experience easy and fun!
CocoaPods ActivityKit
CocoaPods Utils Basic Utility Classes, Methods, Functions, Structures and Macros
CocoaPods QBImagePickerController A clone of the UIImagePickerController with multiple selection feature.
CocoaPods TMAudio A collection of audio related helpers, classes, and utilities.
CocoaPods PopupController PopupController is a controller for showing temporary popup view.
CocoaPods TMVideoPlayer A fast, beautiful video player for iOS.
CocoaPods Folly An open-source C++ library developed and used at Facebook.
CocoaPods AnyCodable-FlightSchool
CocoaPods common Commom???????????????.Commom???????????????.
CocoaPods Masonry Masonary is a light-weight layout framework which wraps AutoLayout with a nicer syntax. Masonary has its own layout DSL which provides a chainable way of describing your NSLayoutConstraints which results in layout code which is more concise and readable.
CocoaPods JTAppleCalendar A highly configurable Apple calendar control. Contains features like boundary dates, month and week view. Very light weight.
CocoaPods Dwifft Swift Diff
CocoaPods TwilioVoice Twilio Voice makes it easy to embed VoIP directly into your iOS apps.
CocoaPods LicensesViewController Recursively finds all LICENSE.* files in a given directory and generates that can be displayed via Settings.bundle or the provided view controller.
CocoaPods AWSIoT The AWS SDK for iOS provides a library, code samples, and documentation for developers to build connected mobile applications using AWS.
CocoaPods Macaw Powerful and easy-to-use vector graphics library with SVG support written in Swift.