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Conan bincrafters/lksctp-tools
Conan quazip
Conan bincrafters/whereami
Conan conan/libimagequant Small, portable C library for high-quality conversion of RGBA images to 8-bit indexed-color (palette) images.
Conan aws-crt-cpp
Conan coin-utils
Conan imgui
Conan llvm-core
Conan quickfast
Conan bincrafters/winflexbison
Conan conan/mili
Conan aws-kvs-pic
Conan bincrafters/colm
Conan bincrafters/imgui-sfml
Conan llvm-openmp
Conan quickfix
Conan winflexbison
Conan conan/muparser
Conan aws-sdk-cpp
Conan bincrafters/concurrentqueue
Conan imguizmo
Conan lmdb
Conan quill
Conan bincrafters/winpcap
Conan conan/ncurses
Conan bincrafters/azmq
Conan concurrentqueue
Conan immer
Conan lodepng
Conan quirc
Conan wiringpi
Conan conan/opencv OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for realtime computer vision. OpenCV is released under a BSD license and hence it
Conan bincrafters/azure-c-shared-utility
Conan confu_json
Conan bincrafters/immer
Conan log.c
Conan qwt
Conan wolfssl
Conan conan/openexr
Conan bincrafters/azure-iot-sdk-c
Conan continuable
Conan implot
Conan log4cplus
Conan r8brain-free-src
Conan wslay
Conan conan/OpenSSL
Conan azure-storage-cpp
Conan corrade
Conan indicators
Conan log4cxx