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Drupal abtestui
Drupal adminify Simplify the Drupal admin. Note: I don't have the resources to maintain this module anymore. If you would like to take over, create an issue. What's Adminify? You need adminify if: You want to create different administration for your users. You want an admin login form You want different admin theme for different user roles. How does it work? This module reads config from a flat YAML file and build a custom Drupal admin (configurable per role) for your users.
Drupal agrcache This project enhances the back end performance of core's CSS and JavaScript aggregation features. - CSS and JavaScript aggregates are generated using the same lazy creation pattern as image derivative presets. - This allows css and javascript aggregates to be built by multiple, parallel threads during cold starts. Core currently builds them inline during the page rendering process can add around 900ms to serving pages that do this.
Drupal angular_views
Drupal around_media This is a module for integration with in a view. The 360? gallery can be placed almost anywhere through the delivered views style plugin. Installation Create a view instance (a page, a block, an attachment, whatever you'd like) and select as display style. Now select the field containing the video ID and save the view. You should see your clip where you put it, simple as that.
Drupal autogroup This module allows auto creation of groups associated with a particular node. Dependencies This module depends on Organic Groups. Examples : 1. A site with football teams -- every football team is a content type and the administrator wants that everytime a football team is created Fan Clubs be created automatically created. 2.A site with a lot of movies, celebrities, etc might need to have a community around all these content. The module prevents you from the hassle of creating all these groups/communities/fan clubs for every content of yours. The module classified content types into three categories: 1. Group content types (community, fan club) 2. Post content types (content types that can be posted in a group, e.g. image, video, story) 3. Remaining content types (active ones -- groups can be automatically created for these content types only) The module allows the administrator to decide what group content types should be automatically created for active content types. Once a combination is selected, the module also allows the administrator to set default organic group settings like title, description, directory listing, membership type, private groups, and active on registration. Once configured, every team a football team is created, the fan club will automatically be created.
Drupal base_zymphonies_theme Base Zymphonies Theme is a Mobile-first Drupal ready-made responsive theme. Easy to customize, Well written SASS which easily can customize theme color, font-size, layout etc. This theme suitable for any creative or business websites. Live Demo Advanced Themes
Drupal biz BIZ - simple, tabled Drupal Theme with left, right sidebar, top and footer links. This theme based on blue marine theme. If default logo don't changed, so it will created from simple php class and TTF file. Theme tested on Firefox, IE7 and Opera. In new version 7.x-1.0: * You can add and change TTF Fonts for site logo * You can change logo size In new version 7.x-2.0: * Added superfish drop down menu * Cleaned code * Changed style Demo video on YouTube
Drupal bodyclasses Add contextual CSS classes to the body of the page. Classes User Roles user-role-[role] Context context-[context] Views views-[view] views-[vid] views-[display] view-[page-index] Add an issue for more!
Drupal brm Allows a site administrator to easily manage large role tables. If you're having trouble with Organic Groups and need a simpler approach to groups and group management, then Bulk Role Management is for you. You can set content type visibility using modules such as Content Access or Simple Access. Then, use Bulk Role Management to create as many groups (roles) as you need, setting permissions accordingly.
Drupal calendaroverlay 7.x-1.x-dev version is a WIP, will be updated by Dec 14 2013. Interactively move and resize node calendar representations on weekly Views displays by drag and drop method. This effectively changes the Date field value associated with the calendar Views. Display buttons on the node representations and assign custom functions to them. Edit and Delete node buttons are implemented out of the box.
Drupal cfrblock "Display blocks based on ""configuration-born behavior objects"" via cfr plugins and cfr plugin presets. Block plugins created this way can be instantiated more than once, and possibly used in other places than just the core block system. Why? You get configurable block types possibility for more than one instance of the same type, each with different configuration. exportable with features"
Drupal ckeditor_blockimagepaste
Drupal cmlstarter
Drupal comment_fragment The default Drupal 7 comment permalink has the following format, /comment/[comment-id]#[comment-id], if a node has 10 comments, each page with the URL /comment/[comment-id] loads identical content to the node itself. 10 comments is just fine but how about 1000 comments? 1000 duplicate contents is very bad for SEO and our website may be the target of Google's sandbox. So this module rewrite the comment URL format to /node/[node-id]#[comment-id] or /[node-alias]#[comment-id] and than redirect the old URL format to new one.
Drupal commerce_condition_kit
Drupal commerce_license_entity_field
Drupal commerce_product_urls Module providing unique URLs for particular product variations referenced by one product display. (A temporary solution for issue #1082596: Implement unique URLs for particular products on product displays.) For each product it provides id parameter, for example: as well as sku parameter, for example: For product types with extra fields enabled to function as an attribute field for Add to Cart forms, it provides option to use values of those fields to select specific product variation. For example, if a product type has a Term reference field with machine name field_color, and product has a term tid = 2, name = Red selected, then such product variation could be displayed using either: (note this is case-sensitive), or:
Drupal commons_featured This project has been merged into the main Drupal Commons repository with #2009294: Consider moving invitations field and notifications code from commons notify into commons trusted contacts.. For Drupal Commons 3.4 or higher, visit to download commons and use this module.
Drupal contact_role This module allows the core contact module to send emails to site users and site roles. The idea of this module is that you may want site visitors or basic users to contact a site admin (and you don't want to re-enter that admin's address), or all users of particular administrative role (such as the accounts managers).
Drupal context_show_regions The module Context Show Regions is a utility module that toggles showing all the regions declared in a page template. It features a block with on/off link to show all regions on a per user basis as oppose to being a site wide setting. Dependencies Required
Drupal crowd This module provides single sign-on integration between Drupal and an Atlassian Crowd server. It supports detection of the Crowd SSO cookie to provide automatic login of users already authenticated via Crowd. Drupal accounts are created automatically if the user account doesn't already exist. The module also manipulates the standard Drupal user login form validation handlers to authenticate directly against Crowd instead of Drupal. Some additional features are included that allow you to automatically associate Crowd groups with Drupal roles, redirect self-service user forms in Drupal (e.g., reset password) to remote Crowd alternatives, and more.
Drupal cyclone Overview Cyclone allows users to spin up sites on remote hosting providers. Imagine your users being able to select a site from a list and then provisioning it themselves on the hosting provider of your choice. There is no need for an admin to step in. This is the vision of Cyclone.
Drupal debounce
Drupal dialect Minority matters! This module provides a simple way to redirect a subset of languages to a single node. The main use case is for defining secondary languages on your website without having to translate the whole interface. It avoids to have the website in a state that will contain untranslated content for: the front page menus terms ... This subset of languages will be redirect from any path to a single node.
Drupal domain_site_settings Domain Site Settings =================== Domain Site Settings module for Drupal 8 community users. * This module provide the administrator interface to manage the site basic setting for each domain. Configuration: ------------------- Domain Site Settings module have configuration setting page to set site basic setting against each Domains like 'Site name', 'Slogan', 'Email', 'Front page', '404 page' and '403 page'. Configuration page path: /admin/config/domain/domain_site_settings Dependencies: ------------------- - domain - domain_config
Drupal drupal_client_drush "Simple module to provide Drush command to execute GET/POST request to Drupal instance. drush dget node/1 --uid=123drush dpost \??? admin/config/system/site-information \??? '{""site_name"": ""Drupal""}' Intsall The project just provides drush command, there's no module to be enabled drush dl drupal_client_drush"
Drupal duplemail The purpose of this module is to provide for duplicate email address checking for domains that allow extraneous characters to be placed inside usernames and be treated as different email addresses. For example:
Drupal efq_vbo Initial Views Bulk Operations support was added to EFQ Views Backend in this issue, using the same technique used in this module. Thus, you should just get the latest development snapshot of EFQ Views, or wait for alpha6 or a beta. Don't bother with this module anymore... Carry on!
Drupal entitybulkdelete Entity Bulk Delete is a module which delete the entity in bulk using batch processing API. Entity Bulk Delete module provide the option to delete the entity using customize way. This module will permanently delete your entity so it is advised to use that module with your own risk and make sure you have a backup. Installation The Entity Bulk Delete module is very similar to other Drupal modules. For installation of the Entity Bulk Delete module please follow the below mentioned steps:
Drupal entity_submit_redirect
Drupal exitbee
Drupal fancy_multiselect Description This module allows the module (which include the jquery ui multiselect plugin) to be included as a cck widget Get involved Write a review for this module on drupal modules Help write or improve the documentation. Help translate this module at Report any bugs, feature requests, etc. in the issue tracker. Contact the maintainer with any comments, questions, or a quote for custom module customizations. Dependencies The module includes the jquery ui plugin Since the jquery_multiselect depends on the jquery_ui module which needs the 1.7.3 lib of jquery ui which in turn needs the jquery update module I packed an archive including all four modules needed and their correct libraries at module releases only allow a release without the third party libraries so if you need the official releases you ll need to download them seperatly and install the js libraries yourself. Example Enable the module
Drupal feeds_flickr "Flickr parser for the Feeds module. Adds an enhanced parser for Flickr feeds. Requires installed in feeds module. See the feeds module README for installation instructions. Currently only works with RSS feeds not Atom feeds. To have Flickr server up RSS feed simply add ""&format=rss2"" to the end of your feed URL."
Drupal field_group_link This module provides a field group display formatter, that groups containing fields within an anchor (link) tag.
Drupal file_newest_revision "This module allows for the use of ""stable"" links to the newest revision of a file. If node revisions are enabled, and a newer version of a file is uploaded, the user is automatically redirected to that revision. This is useful for sending out links to a file outside of your Drupal site, such as through email."
Drupal flow_player_field
Drupal framerefresh If you (and you really shouldn't - read below case study) use frames for your Drupal project then you may need this module. The Frame Refresh module uses the names of the frames to refresh the top frame for you to maintain the logged in / out state for your users. This module does not work in an ideal way but does work. The maintainer is open to feeback to improve the coding standards and also any other improvements on functionality!
Drupal genova Genova is a Drush utility targeted on Drupal developers who regularly create custom Drupal modules. It is supposed to automate routine code writing such as schema, hook implementations, drupal arrays, etc.
Drupal googleanalyticsmaster
Drupal grouper
Drupal hide_this_block This module adds an AJAX-enabled link to any user-configurable blocks on your site, providing authenticated users with the ability to hide those blocks with a single click, rather than by editing their user profile.
Drupal hubspot_cta This is a simple module to allow embedding of a hubspot CTA buttons widget in a Bean block. This module provides a new 'Hubspot Calls-to-action' Bean type, enabling you to create multiple blocks that show a Hubspot CTA button widget, each with a unique configuration. These can then be added to your pages in the same way that you would add any other block to your pages. If you want to embed them within your content, this could be done using the Insert Block module.
Drupal imageorvideo_formatter Please note that the functionality in this module is now provided out-of-the-box in the relevant media modules. It now allows you to set up a field formatter for either images or videos, which is exactly what this module provides. This module is no longer supported and you should update the relevant media modules and use the built-in functionality instead. Adds a field formatter for a media field that can either be an image or a video. You can specify separate image styles to use for the thumbnails depending on whether an image or a video is being shown. This is so that, for videos, you can overlay a play icon onto the thumbnail, for example, as shown in the image here. When the thumbnail is clicked, the full image or the video is shown using shadowbox, which you will need to install separately. Install and setup Enable the core image module and then enable this module. Ideally you'll be using the media module, but this isn't required, as long as you have some means to put either an image or a video in the same field.
Drupal index_page Provides a blank page (Landing/Home page) ? that is not a node. As often, someone sets up a site using a content-type node with no actual Body content; as the frontpage. Then, at some future point a miseducated content editor un-publishes or deletes that node causing the site to break..
Drupal ip_whitelist_blacklist This module provides login restriction by both whitelist and blacklist, module features:
Drupal jquery_ui_dialog In Short If you are not a developer or asked to install this module as a dependency, you most probably won't have any use for it. This module enables you to use jquery ui dialog in Drupal. Features yet implemented It enables you to use JQuery UI Dialog library. It also automatically creates an iframe inside the dialog you dont need to care about. This enables you loading normal Drupal pages inside (like FAPI stuff) Exports a simple API to open/close dialogs While you can use the api jquery_ui_dialog, or you can also use the JQuery UI Dialog API directly your own way, using the full power of JQuery UI Dialog(well jquery_ui_dialog does not limit it, but makes some assumptions). This is one of the main differences to modalframe You can also use the JQuery UI Dialog buttons to control the window. Integrates with the the JQuery UI theme. You can use your own theme for the dialog only (using the namespace), please refer to the docs. Supports autoresizing and positioning. Supports loading the IFrame content using POST+Data.
Drupal kplatforms Overview The 'Koumbit Platforms (kplatforms)' project is a package that allows you to create ready-made platforms for the Aegir hosting system. Just download it and run a single shell command. The package contains: Script '' Used in the command line interface (shell) to create your platforms for the Drupal flavor of your choice, the script calls drush make for you with the makefiles you specify. See usage and examples at Creating platforms with the script ''. Makefiles Used by the script, these hold all the information needed to construct a Drupal installation. They contain more than 400 selected modules, themes, libraries, profiles, features, cores and distributions. They are a spaghetti of information used to give you a tasty platform on a silver platter. Look at the menu: Inclusions and distributions and Creating platforms with the stub makefiles.
Drupal libraries_ui Introduction This module will provide a UI to display all libraries provide by modules and themes. Once libraries_ui is been installed visit /admin/config/media/libraries_ui to get all libraries information. Site Builder For site builders, this is perfect to find out about your Libraries in your website. Developers For developers, this module contains a very light-weight method that allows you to get all the information about libraries in an array. This can be very helpful if you need to use the libraries data for other modules.
Drupal locale_tamper Locale Tamper module is made to aid testing of the automatic interface translation of Drupal 8. The module simulates some installed (Drupal 7) modules for which translations can be downloaded and imported. More information on how to use this module and how to test the automatic interface translation can be found at