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Drupal abuse/abuse This module allows users to flag nodes and comments as offensive for the adminstrator to review. This module is in the rearchitecting period. All changes will happen in 2.x branch. The admin can specify which type of nodes are allowed to be flagged. Permissions There are 3 permissions - administer abuse reports, flag content, and direct flag content. Administer abuse reports allows a user to see which nodes have been flagged and allows them to either remove from the site or allow back into the system. Flag content allows a user to flag content. Direct flag allows a user to flag a content and set the content as 'hidden'. In essence, it is a person who has been trusted to flag genuinely bad content to be removed without requiring multiple users to flag the content before the system hides it. Content Status
Drupal adminimal_admin_menu/adminimal_admin_menu Quick Overview: Adminimal Administration Menu changes the style of the Administration menu module. It adds a nice and simple minimalist look and provides some tweaks to improve your Drupal administration experience. The menu hierarchy is now simpler and easier to understand (removing the unnecessary transparency and only highlighting the correct menus). It also adds quick shortcut links that can be edited from the core shortcut module. The shortcuts fit nicely and have a small icon that separates them from the normal admin menu links.
Drupal agreement/agreement "The Agreement module allows the administrator to present a text-based agreement (think ""Terms of Service"") that users of a particular role must accept before they are allowed to access the site. The agreement is presented to users right after login, and must be accepted before the user can navigate to another page. Users will still be able to access the homepage () and /logout without accepting the agreement; all other pages will redirect the user to the agreement acceptance form."
Drupal animals/animals "Animal Kill Counter provides a block which displays a realtime counter of interesting data. By default it displays the number of livestock animals killed for food since the page loaded. Usage To use this module go to the admin/build/blocks page and add the ""Animals Killed"" block to any region of the page. Settings for the block appear on the block configuration form."
Drupal arphp/arphp This collection of modules integrate some of the functionality provided by the Ar-PHP library, a library designed to provide solutions for common problems when processing Arabic content. The main module includes the ArPHP library. The list of included modules:
Drupal autogrow/autogrow Adds support for the Autogrow plugin for CKEditor. This will let you configure settings to dictate when the CKEditor will grow vertically (and how far) as the user enters content into it. This is mainly a UX enhancement for editors. Download the plugin from http://ckeditor.com/addon/autogrow. Must be at least version 4.5.11 Place the plugin in the root libraries folder (/libraries). Enable the CKEditor Autogrow module in the Drupal admin.
Drupal basic/basic Basic boasts a clean HTML5 structure with extensible CSS classes and ID's for unlimited theming possibilities as well as a top-down load order for improved SEO. It is fully responsive out-of-the-box and provides an adaptive, elegant, SASS based grid system (Bourbon Neat). Basic's goal is to provide themers the building blocks needed to get their designs up and running quickly and simply. Basic is perfect if you want a simple, smart, and flexible theme starter. Notice: The Drupal 5 and 6 version of Basic is not under active development and no new features will be added to this branch. New features will only be added to Drupal 7 and 8 versions. Main Features Very simple and easy-to-modify architecture Responsive out-of-the-box SASS ready with Bourbon mixin library Grid Framework provided by Bourbon Neat Block Editing links Theme Registry Rebuild Page template options SEO-friendly and easy-to-modify layout IE Browser debug support Great class system for body, node, blocks, comments, navigation, list items ...
Drupal bizible_analytics/bizible_analytics Bizible Marketing Analytics connects sales and marketing data together inside Salesforce so you can optimize your online marketing campaigns by ROI. Tying your marketing efforts to actual closed deals is essential to making profitable marketing decisions moving forward. This Drupal plugin inserts an invisible web analytics script (Similar to Google Analytics) on each page of your website. This script tracks each visitor on your site and logs their behavior so you can easily track where your leads are coming from and see what pages they viewed on your site before converting.
Drupal body_attributes/body_attributes
Drupal broadstreet_ads/broadstreet_ads A wrapper to simplify displaying advertisements from the Broadstreet Ads company. Credits Written and maintained by Damien McKenna. Development is sponsored by The Batavian.
Drupal calendar_block/calendar_block The calendar_block module provides a fully customizable calendar block which can be placed in a region at the blocks section. In thecalendar block's configuration form, the calendar's layout can be fully changed. You can set the colors as well as the size of the calendar so it fits to your websites design. Here's a screenshot of the configuration page. With this version of the calendar_block module, developers can use the hook_calendar_block() to alter the dates, as well as to set the date the calender has to load on a page call. If the modules Colorpicker and Textfield to slider are installed, the layout of the calendar is dynamically changed when changing it in the block's configuration form. Note: for the slider_textfield module you need to have the latest version of jQuery in your /misc directory. If you have the colorpicker module installed, and you want to live update the colors of your calendar while changing the colors in the block's configuration page, you need to apply this patch to farbtastic.js. TODO:
Drupal cfrop/cfrop
Drupal ckeditor_blocks/ckeditor_blocks A module that enables embedding drupal blocks in ckeditor. It currently uses the insert_block module to render the blocks but this functionality may be moved into the module to reduce dependencies.
Drupal cmnc/cmnc This module extends the messaging system in Drupal Commons 3.3 or later to support routing notifications to an internal notification center similar to that seen on sites like Facebook. NOTE: This module is still early in development and is not feature complete nor is the code optimized yet. Use at your own risk.
Drupal comment_goodness/comment_goodness Provides comment sorting, comment form placement and comment form configuration settings. Drupal 7.x does not support newest-to-oldest comment sorting. This module addresses this gap in functionality and provides content-type level configuration for comment sorting.
Drupal commerce_conekta/commerce_conekta Conekta Payment Gateway in Drupal Commerce This module integrates the Mexican Payment Gateway Conekta into Drupal Commerce Conekta supports three types of payment methods: Direct credit card payment Cash payment in OXXO stores Split into months without interest rate Credit card payment Note: For now only the direct credit card payment is implemented, probably I will implement OXXO payment soon but no plans for the split into monts payment method so if you want to help just ping me.
Drupal commerce_license_fix/commerce_license_fix
Drupal commerce_profile/commerce_profile Our Commerce profile is the best way for you to display and sell your products, whatever you sell. It is designed to help making your online selling fast, easy and inexpensive. The profile comes built-together with the features for selling products thanks to integrated Drupal Commerce module.
Drupal commons_follow/commons_follow This project has been merged into the main Drupal Commons repository with #2009294: Consider moving invitations field and notifications code from commons notify into commons trusted contacts.. For Drupal Commons 3.4 or higher, visit http://www.drupal.org/project/commons to download commons and use this module.
Drupal contact_save/contact_save Never miss a contact message again! This module stores in the database all messages submitted through the core contact forms. This solves the problem of e-mails which don't make it to their proper destination (due to a wrong email address, network failure, mail server problem, or spam blocker), which can cause misunderstandings, lost job opportunities, etc. Additionally, this module provides a way to respond to these messages through the website, which can serve as a basic correspondence tracker, so that no messages go unanswered.
Drupal context_spaces_features/context_spaces_features "This project created a condition for Context based on active Features in a given space. It sounds confusing but really it makes creating and managing Contexts a lot easier when you are creating distributions / platforms that have blocks that need positioned. This also can help create a performance boost in a Spaces OG / Features environment that provides blocks / menu / view based items because instead of doing a two step check (typically ""am i in a group"" then ""is the feature activated"") this allows you to skip straight to ""is the feature activated""."
Drupal crowdfunding/crowdfunding If you want to create a website like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and want to make such a risky platform(manage money from other people is a really important task that demands caution) on top of a well supported, secure and extremely flexible CMS like Drupal, this is the way to go.
Drupal cyclone_preserve/cyclone_preserve "Cyclone Preserve injects the site_id and other important site variables into the ""Variables"" extension data structure. The variables are then drush vset into the created site by the Builder. The Builder must implement cyclone.builders.Variables in order for this to work. This module works hand in hand with the Cyclone Preserve Client module which knows the site variables which have been set."
Drupal debug/debug #99529: Add text file export of status report#342821: Add Wysiwyg Debug#469910: Image: Diagnostics
Drupal dialectic/dialectic DEEelectic is a nufelty muduole-a zeet cunferts ingleesh text intu a feriety ouff silly furmets: l33t 'hecker speek', Pig Letin, Purete-a telk, Rut13, und su oun. In iddeetiun tu un inpuot feelter, it ixpuses a pege-a zeet lets users cunfert lerge-a blucks ouff text oun demuond. Bork Bork Bork! (Dialectic is a novelty module that converts english text into a variety of silly formats: l33t 'hacker speak', Pig Latin, Pirate talk, Rot13, and so on. In addition to an input filter, it exposes a page that lets users convert large blocks of text on demand.)
Drupal domain_site_verify/domain_site_verify A simple module which extends the site_verify module to work with the domain module. Install as any other module. There are no configuration pages, the only user-visible change is an additional dropdown on the site verification add/edit form. Dependencies: Domain Access Site Verification
Drupal drupal_commerce_taxjar/drupal_commerce_taxjar
Drupal duplicatemail/duplicatemail The Duplicate Mail module has a block to display system wide duplicate email addresses in user accounts, and a view with a block display for use on individual user account pages that displays only the accounts that have the same email address as that account.
Drupal efq_views/efq_views This module enables Views to use EntityFieldQuery as the query back-end, allowing you to query all defined entity types and their fields, even the ones stored in non-SQL storage. Unless you are storing your data outside of the SQL database, you probably don't need this module. Storage engines that should work MongoDB Remote Entity API If there are any others that should be added here, please let me know so that I may add them to the list.
Drupal entitycache/entitycache Entity cache puts core entities into Drupal's cache API. Due to the entity loading changes in Drupal 7, no core patches are required. How to use it This module has no user interface, if you enable it, entities will start being cached, if you disable it, they'll stop. Supported core entities Nodes Comments Taxonomy terms Taxonomy vocabularies Files Users Support for contrib entities: There is no automated support for contrib entities, to use entitycache for a contrib or custom entity: Create a cache_entity_$myentity table/bin. Specify EntityCacheDefaultEntityController as your controller class in hook_entity_info(), or extend it. Never update your entity tables outside of save/delete API calls. Tests Entity cache is now set up for automated testing on Drupal.org, see current HEAD status. This module is being developed for Drupal 7, and will never be backported to Drupal 6. For Drupal 6 you may want to look at this pressflow merge request or http://drupal.org/project/advcache.
Drupal entity_theme_suggestions/entity_theme_suggestions
Drupal exitpopup/exitpopup
Drupal fancy_references/fancy_references Fancy references offers customizable display of node and user references using tokens. Set the display formatter to Fancy references, then add your tokens to the configuration form on the field configuration page. The output will be formatted according to your tokens. Development sponsored by Freestyle Systems
Drupal feeds_ftp_fetcher/feeds_ftp_fetcher A Feeds plugin that will fetch files from an FTP server.
Drupal field_group_modal_bootstrap/field_group_modal_bootstrap
Drupal file_ownage/file_ownage Image importer and attacher Proper file management for randomly embedded images This module is designed to tidy up badly imported images, either pasted in naively by users, inserted using simple WYSIWYG file managers, or as a result of a content migration from another site where images remain linked to URLs outside the Drupal file management system. It does this by finding images embedded in the HTML, and looking up the actual files they refer to. If the file is not already properly handled with an entry in the Drupal files table, it makes one and then explicitly attaches the file to the page as a managed resource. This even happens if the file being linked to is on another server
Drupal fluid/fluid Fluid is a dynamic theme that utilises the themesettings api module to provide a user interface to: Specify Margin and padding Add Border wrapping elements (top left, top, top right, left, inner, right, bottom left, bottom and bottom right) with css generated to position and tile background images Set Color of: Background (Left/Right columns have only background colors) Content background on blocks Text Link & link hover Headings using the color picker Margin/Padding/Borders/Color available on each of the following elements: Body Page (header, column and footer container) Page header Page body (column container) Columns (Left, content, right) Blocks Page footer In addition: Content and block titles may be rendered both inside and out of borders Page width may be fixed or variable Adjustible column width and position (both left, right or either side) Generated style may be included directly in the header or in a stylesheet Firebug lite may be embedded into pages Under the hood: Any scripts/CSS found in the auto-includes sub-folder included in pages automatically files named 'just-front' only for the front page
Drupal framework/framework Framework is a blank canvas for theme developers. Use Framework as a user friendly starting point to help facilitate your theme development. Build site themes without feeling like you have to reinvent the wheel or remove unnecessary code every time. Features Framework gives general placement and formatting to basic Drupal elements Supports one, two, and three-column layouts with source ordering Set to a 12 column grid of 960px CSS file is highly organized, including a table of contents, section flags, alphabetical properties, etc. Includes a CSS reset and a list of CSS utility classes Em based text sizing with vertical rhythm Clean and simplified code and file structure Uses HTML 5 structural markup Framework is not intended to be everything to everyone. It is built with simplicity and ease of modification in mind. Although it is not necessarily intended, Framework can be used as is if you so choose. D7 Framework 3 Development BuildD6 Framework 3 Development Build Support Framework Framework is actively developed and supported on my off time. If you would like to say thanks, buy me a drink!
Drupal genova_entity/genova_entity About Genova Entity Genova entity module generator extends genova module with new drush command for full custom entity module generation. Usage drush gen-emc TODO For access/permission strings use everywhere {human_name} but all low cases - we need new parameter {human_name_lowcase} or something like that for this in templates. Entity type bundle should have lable - already has it in table add UI support Fix menu item label for bundle - for example breadcrumb bundle label is missing in bundle admin UI. Maybe we should have define({name}_BASE_URI, {base_uri}); in main module file and use this constant everywhere where it is needed? Consider decoupling entity.pages.inc file to entity.admin.inc, entity.forms.inc and entity.pages.inc. Consider changing 'type' db column that is hodling bundle name to 'bundle' column name - don't try to use name or type to avoid and free name space for that properties. Add entity class name in all functions where it makes sense, for example entity_add()... In which menu should we put CRUD menu items? Add default view for {name}_view_all() callback.
Drupal googleanalytics_link/googleanalytics_link Adds Google Analytics event tracking to link fields and/or menu item links. Installation Enable this module and either one of the following modules:
Drupal grouping_menu_items/grouping_menu_items Grouping menu items is Drupal, which provides grouping of several links into one item.
Drupal hide_this_term/hide_this_term "Add option ""Hide this term"" to taxonomy term edit form. If option checked, term will not be shown on node view. Drupal7 version of Hide this Term module."
Drupal hubspot_forms/hubspot_forms This is a very simple module that allows you to create Hubspot form blocks on your Drupal sites. The module also comes with a new field type so each entity could have it's own form. No need to copy embed code from Hubspot and paste it into your website. Enable it, provide an API key and you're ready to use the module. Generate Hubspot API key
Drupal imagepath/imagepath "This module allows you to refer to images that are associated with imagefields using a simple URL structure that locates the images based on the nodes they belong to, rather than their locations on the filesystem. This is especially convenient for situations where you might be changing the actual filepath in an imagefield sometimes, but it's also nice if you just prefer the idea of having a more consistent URL structure for your site, where images can be treated more like ""first-class content"". When you install this module, it scans all your content types to find which ones have imagefields. It also ""notices"" when you alter any content types to add or remove imagefields. Without any configuration from you, it allows you to use URLs like this to refer to images: /[$node_type]/[$nid]/[$field_name] ...where [$node_type] is the ""machine-readable"" name of your content type, [$nid] is the node id for a particular node, and [$field_name] is the name of the imagefield without the ""field_"" prefix. So, for instance, if you have a content type called ""biography"", and an imagefield defined for it called ""field_portrait"", you can refer to the portrait on node 34 like: /biography/34/portrait"
Drupal indiastack/indiastack IndiaStack is a complete set of API, made available under the Open API Policy, which enables development of payment-enabled Apps.
Drupal iran/iran
Drupal jquery_ui_filter/jquery_ui_filter INTRODUCTION The jQuery UI filter converts static HTML to a jQuery UI accordion or tabs widget. For example, this module converts the below HTML code into a collapsed jQuery UI accordion widget.
Drupal kproject/kproject Description en fran?ais disponible dans le corps de l'article. Kproject is the tool used internally by Koumbit.org to manage its projects. It depends on the module Ktimetracker and is composed of the following modules: Kproject Declares a hierarchy of three new content types: client, contract, and task. Contracts and tasks have begin and end dates, a state, a time estimate, and other data useful for managing projects. A search tool and navigation interface are provided for browsing these different elements. Kproject assign Assign users to contracts and tasks using the Flag module Kproject checklist Displays a checklist to verify that each step necessary for a contract's current state has been completed. Kproject Ledger Allows importing a list of clients from SQL-Ledger into KProject. Kproject IRC Allows controling Kproject via IRC using the Gozerbot client (punching, task creation and assignment, etc.) Kproject Reports Allows creating a report of hours spent on a contract and sending this automatically by email at a chosen interval. Warning! This is an alpha release. The API has not been finalized and some functionality has not been completely implemented. This module is developed by Koumbit.org, which uses it internally for project management. You can get a newer version of kproject and ktimetracker at our git repos: https://redmine.koumbit.net/projects/kproject https://redmine.koumbit.net/projects/ktimetracker
Drupal library/library I am seeking a maintainer for this module. The majority of the functionality of this module can now be replicated using a combination of other contributed modules (Rules + Flag + Views for example). I'm happy to continue answering questions and/or reviewing patches, but I would like to find someone else to take primary responsibility for ongoing development. If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks! Description The library module allows users to manage the availability of nodes as assets. You can create custom content types using CCK and then add those content types to the library. The module supports multiple copies of a library item associated with one node, and each copy may be individually made available or unavailable. The module allows administrators to define their own library actions. Library actions may make an item available, unavailable, or not change an item's status. Every transaction is associated with a Drupal user. If you use the trigger module (part of core) with the library module, each library action generates a trigger that you can assign further actions to. The module includes a few built-in actions (send an email, extend the due date of an item).
Drupal locale_translation_context/locale_translation_context This module adds context filtering capabilities to the core translation interface. Impacted pages Configuration > Regional and Language > Translate interface > Translate Allow to filter the translated strings by context. Configuration > Regional and Language > Translate interface > Export Allow to export strings for a specific context. Use case