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Swift github.com/aubrey/SwiftPagingNav A Twitter-like navigation bar and page viewer written in Swift.
Swift github.com/davedelong/Chronology Building a better date/time library for Swift
Swift github.com/fxm90/GradientProgressBar A customizable gradient progress bar (UIProgressView).
Swift github.com/JanGorman/MapleBacon Lightweight and fast Swift library for image downloading, caching and transformations
Swift github.com/KyoheiG3/NavigationNotice Customizable and interactive animated notification UI control.
Swift github.com/mmick66/KDRearrangeableCollectionViewFlowLayout A Drag and Rearrange UICollectionView through its layout
Swift github.com/PerfectlySoft/PerfectTemplate Empty Perfect Starter Project.
Swift github.com/safx/ObservableArray-RxSwift An array that can emit messages of elements and diffs on it's changing.
Swift github.com/tid-kijyun/Kanna Kanna(?) is an XML/HTML parser for Swift.
Swift github.com/yichizhang/SwiftyStringScore "Swift string fuzzy ranking. Score of 0 for no match; up to 1 for perfect. ""String"".score(word:""str""); //=> 0.825"
Swift github.com/AudioKit/ROMPlayer AudioKit Sample Player (ROM Player) - EXS24, Sound Font, Wave Player
Swift github.com/davedelong/DDMathParser String ? Number
Swift github.com/gaborcsontos/Twitter_Post Custom Twitter Post View Controller
Swift github.com/jaredsinclair/etcetera Stuff I need often enough to that's too small to exist on its own.
Swift github.com/KyoheiG3/ProtobufExample Example of requesting Protocol Buffers and JSON with Swift. API is Swift or Go.
Swift github.com/mmoaay/Bamboots Bamboots - Extension 4 Alamofire
Swift github.com/PeteC/PresentationControllers
Swift github.com/sagaya/Wobbly (Animate CSS) animations for iOS. An easy to use library of iOS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.
Swift github.com/tidwall/Safe Modern Concurrency and Synchronization for Swift.
Swift github.com/yimajo/MeetupTweet Mac?????????????????Tweet???????????????Keynote????????????????????????????
Swift github.com/Aufree/ESTMusicIndicator Cool Animated music indicator view written in Swift
Swift github.com/davedelong/MVCTodo "A very simple ""To Do"" app to illustrate the principles from my ""A Better MVC"" talk"
Swift github.com/gabriellorin/touch-bar-emojis Touch Bar Emojis is a small app (written in Swift) which displays a permanent emoji input view for any app.
Swift github.com/JaroVoltix/JKBottomSearchView Search View similar to Apple maps solution
Swift github.com/KyoheiG3/SimpleAlert Customizable simple Alert and simple ActionSheet for Swift
Swift github.com/mmoaay/Findme An ARKit App that can help your friends to find you
Swift github.com/pgorzelany/iOS-project-template A template to jumpstart your next iOS project integrating best practices and tools
Swift github.com/sagesse-cn/swift-nornir a swift chat ui
Swift github.com/tidwall/SwiftWebSocket Fast Websockets in Swift for iOS and OSX
Swift github.com/YJManager/YJSwiftExtensions YJExtensions
Swift github.com/AugustRush/Stellar A fantastic Physical animation library for swift
Swift github.com/davedufresne/SwiftParsec A parser combinator library written in the Swift programming language.
Swift github.com/gabrieloc/roundrect Conveniences for programmatically generating image assets and styling UIButton
Swift github.com/jasl/MoyaX Network abstraction layer written in Swift, based on Moya
Swift github.com/KyoheiG3/TableViewDragger A cells of UITableView can be rearranged by drag and drop.
Swift github.com/MobileFirstInc/MFCard Easily integrate Credit Card payments module in iOS App. Swift 4.0
Swift github.com/PGSSoft/3DSnakeAR Well known game Snake written in Swift using ARKit.
Swift github.com/sahandnayebaziz/Hypertext Any-way-you-want-it, type-safe HTML in Swift.
Swift github.com/TifaTsubasa/TTReflect Swift Json-Model automatic mapping Swift?JsonModel????
Swift github.com/ykyouhei/KYWheelTabController KYWheelTabController is a subclass of UITabBarController.It displays the circular menu instead of UITabBar.
Swift github.com/austinzheng/Cormorant Clojure(ish) interpreter in Swift
Swift github.com/DaveWoodCom/XCGLogger A debug log framework for use in Swift projects. Allows you to log details to the console (and optionally a file), just like you would have with NSLog() or print(), but with additional information, such as the date, function name, filename and line number.
Swift github.com/gali8/WhichFont Great iOS11 app demo with Vision (VNTextObservation) and Tesseract-OCR-iOS
Swift github.com/jasl/RouterX A Ruby on Rails flavoured URL routing engine in Swift.
Swift github.com/lacklock/NiceGesture Best way to use UIGesture
Swift github.com/mobitar/Starburst A collection of animated loading sequences for Apple Watch
Swift github.com/PGSSoft/AutoMate Swift framework containing a set of helpful XCTest extensions for writing UI automation tests
Swift github.com/saidmarouf/FloatingHearts Periscope-Like flowing hearts animation.
Swift github.com/timdonnelly/Advance Physics-based animations for iOS, tvOS, and macOS.
Swift github.com/ykyouhei/SwiftyConfiguration Modern Swift API for Plist.