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Swift github.com/auth0/Auth0.swift Swift toolkit for Auth0 API
Swift github.com/davidlawson/SimulatorController Boot, install and launch a .app on multiple iOS simulators
Swift github.com/gaowanli/MyCoin The MyCoin app for iOS
Swift github.com/jasnig/CollectionViewLayout ???collectionViewLayout, ???????????????
Swift github.com/lapcat/Bonjeff Bonjeff is a Mac app that shows you a live display of the Bonjour services published on your network.
Swift github.com/mohammadalijf/UnderLineTextField Simple UITextfield Subclass with state
Swift github.com/PGSSoft/InAppPurchaseButton A simple and customisable in-app purchase button, written in Swift.
Swift github.com/saitjr/STLoadingGroup loading views
Swift github.com/tingraldi/SwiftScripting Utilities and samples to aid in using Swift with the Scripting Bridge. If you want to automate tasks on your Mac, but don't like AppleScript, this is for you.
Swift github.com/yoavlt/LiquidLoader Spinner loader components with liquid animation
Swift github.com/auth0/JWTDecode.swift A library to help you decode JWTs in Swift
Swift github.com/davidlondono/PlayerView Player View is a delegated view using AVPlayer of Swift
Swift github.com/gaowanli/PinGo ?Swift????
Swift github.com/jasnig/PhotoBrowser providing an easy way to reach the effect that looking through photos likes the system photo app (?????????, ??????, ????, ??,?????? photoBrowser imageBrowser image photo)
Swift github.com/lapfelix/ARKit-line-drawing Changed the default ARKit project to draw a line where the camera is positioned
Swift github.com/momentumworks/swift-elm
Swift github.com/PGSSoft/ParallaxView tvOS controls and extensions that add parallax effect to your application.
Swift github.com/saiwu-bigkoo/iOS-RatingBar iOS??????
Swift github.com/TitouanVanBelle/XCTestHTMLReport Xcode-like HTML report for Unit and UI Tests
Swift github.com/yonaskolb/Genesis Templating and scaffolding tool
Swift github.com/AutobahnSwift/Autobahn CLI tool written in Swift heavily inspired by https://github.com/fastlane/fastlane
Swift github.com/davidstump/SwiftPhoenixClient Connect your Phoenix and iOS applications through WebSockets!
Swift github.com/garriguv/SQLiteMigrationManager.swift Migration manager for SQLite.swift
Swift github.com/jasnig/ScrollPageView ???????????????, ???????????,??????, ??, segment segmentController, scrollViewController
Swift github.com/lapfelix/BluetoothConnector Simple macOS CLI to connect/disconnect a Bluetooth device. Useful for AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones.
Swift github.com/mongodb/mongo-swift-driver The Swift driver for MongoDB
Swift github.com/PGSSoft/PuzzleMaker Swift framework responsible for generating puzzles from the image
Swift github.com/sakrist/BezierPath Bezier path triangulation with Delaunay algorithm.
Swift github.com/tmandry/Swindler macOS window management library for Swift
Swift github.com/yonaskolb/Mint A package manager that installs and runs Swift command line tools
Swift github.com/AvdLee/appstoreconnect-swift-sdk The Swift SDK to work with the App Store Connect API from Apple.
Swift github.com/daviesgeek/guetzli-gui A super simple Mac GUI for Google's JPEG encoder, guetzli
Swift github.com/gautier-gdx/Hexacon A fancy hexagonal layout for displaying data like your Apple Watch
Swift github.com/jasnig/UsefulPickerView ??????????TextField????????, ??, ????,????, ?????pickerView
Swift github.com/LaurentiuUngur/LUExpandableTableView A subclass of UITableView with expandable and collapsible sections
Swift github.com/mono0926/LicensePlist A license list generator of all your dependencies for iOS applications
Swift github.com/ph1ps/Food101-CoreML A CoreML model which classifies images of food
Swift github.com/saksdirect/route-composer Protocol oriented, Cocoa UI abstractions based library that helps to handle view controllers composition, routing and deep linking tasks in the iOS application.
Swift github.com/tmdvs/TDBadgedCell TDBadgedCell is a table view cell class that adds a badge, similar to the badges in Apple's own apps
Swift github.com/yonaskolb/Stylist Define UI styles in a hot-loadable external yaml or json file
Swift github.com/Awalz/SwiftyCam A Snapchat Inspired iOS Camera Framework written in Swift
Swift github.com/davnag/DJSemiModalViewController Simple semi modal presentation dialog with stacked content
Swift github.com/gbammc/Thor Switch the right application ASAP.
Swift github.com/jason-tratta/ProgressScreen A DEP Enrollment Screen Framework
Swift github.com/Lausbert/Exermote Using Machine Learning to predict the type of exercise from movement data
Swift github.com/Mononster/Swift-CellAnimation Facebook liked cell, provide the functionality of dynamically changing the height of UITableViewCell with animation.
Swift github.com/phatblat/Outlets Utility functions for validating IBOutlet and IBAction connections
Swift github.com/samuelbeek/RecordButton A record button in Swift
Swift github.com/tmergulhao/Ambience An ambient light accessibility framework for iOS.
Swift github.com/yonaskolb/SwagGen OpenAPISpec/Swagger 3.0 Swift code generator