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Chocolatey - think executables/application packages (like apt-get for Windows), not library packages. This is what the Chocolatey NuGet goodness is for. Chocolatey allows you to install application nuggets and run executables from anywhere. ||Executable Nuggets| For example, say you have an executable in the tools folder of your package named bob.exe. Then you can type 'chocolatey install yourPackageName [-source source] [-version version]' OR 'cinst yourPackageName [-source source] [-version version]' and when it finishes you can type 'bob' and it will run your application executable. ||Application Nuggets - Full on double rainbow|| For example, say you type 'chocolatey install 7zip [-source source] [-version version]' OR 'cinst 7zip [-source source] [-version version]' - when it finishes you will have installed 7zip on your machine (in your add/remove programs). || Check out the WIKI in the project URL for all the details of what you can do with chocolatey!


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