"### Overview These Build Tools allow you to build native and managed MSBuild-based applications without requiring the Visual Studio IDE. There are options to install the Visual C++ compilers and libraries, MFC, ATL, and C++/CLI support. Visual Studio Build Tools 2017 Release Candidate has a ""go-live"" license, i.e. it is [supported by Microsoft]( To find out what's new in Visual Studio 2017 RC, or to see the known issues, see the [Visual Studio 2017 RC]( [System requirements]( ### Customizations By default, the package installs only the bare minimum required (the MSBuild Tools workload). The easiest way to add more workloads is to use the workload packages: [visualstudio2017-workload-vctools]( or [visualstudio2017-workload-webbuildtools]( However, the package passes all package parameters to the Visual Studio installer, enabling full customization of the installation. The possible parameters are [described here]( The package passes `--norestart --wait` by default, and `--quiet`, unless `--passive` is specified in the package parameters. After installing the package, more workloads/components can also be added interactively, by launching the Visual Studio Installer application from the Start Menu. #### Full installation As an example of using package parameters, this command will install Visual Studio with all available workloads and optional components and display progress during the installation: choco install visualstudio2017buildtools -packageParameters ""--allWorkloads --includeRecommended --includeOptional --passive"" ### Installation notes A reboot may be required after installing/uninstalling this package. A reboot might even be required _before_ installing/uninstalling - if the system is awaiting a reboot due to Windows updates having been installed, or if you are attempting to uninstall the package immediately after installing it. The package will provide informative messages in each case. If complete control over reboots is required, such as in automation scenarios, it is advisable to install the dependencies (esp. dotnet4.6 or later) first, perform a reboot if necessary, and only after that proceed to install this package."


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