Please note that the functionality in this module is now provided out-of-the-box in the relevant media modules. It now allows you to set up a field formatter for either images or videos, which is exactly what this module provides. This module is no longer supported and you should update the relevant media modules and use the built-in functionality instead. Adds a field formatter for a media field that can either be an image or a video. You can specify separate image styles to use for the thumbnails depending on whether an image or a video is being shown. This is so that, for videos, you can overlay a play icon onto the thumbnail, for example, as shown in the image here. When the thumbnail is clicked, the full image or the video is shown using shadowbox, which you will need to install separately. Install and setup Enable the core image module and then enable this module. Ideally you'll be using the media module, but this isn't required, as long as you have some means to put either an image or a video in the same field.


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