The Mobile Codes module provides the ability to render Text, URLs or any other form of informaton as a Mobile Code, including but not limited to the QR codes and Datamatrix formats, providing a simple way of transfering said information from the screen to a Mobile phone. Mobile Codes was written and is maintained by Stuart Clark (deciphered). - ? Features: User definable and Features exportable Mobile Code Providers and Presets. Defaults provided: Six (6) External Providers. One (1) Internal Provider (see below). Three (3) to five (5) Presets (based on installed modules). Render Mobile Codes via: CCK/Fields/Views formatters: CCK/Drupal core Text module. FileField/Drupal core File module. ImageField/Drupal core Image module. Link module. plus an example Custom Formatter for extended support. Input filter. Drupal API Theme() call. Blocks: Node URL block - Creates a Mobile Code of the current Node URL. User vCard - Uses the vCard module to provide a vCard Mobile Code from a Nodes Author or a users profile. [D6] Mobile Code generator - An Admin module optimized helper block. Support for: [D7-DEV] Drupal core Image module - Use an Image style on the Mobile Codes. [D6] Mobile Tools module - Redirect internal Mobile Code URLs to Mobile site URL. [D6] Redirecting Click Bouncer module - Track URLs accessed via Mobile Codes. Shorten module - Shorten URLs in Mobile Codes.


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