pjax is a jQuery plugin that loads new content into the current page without a full page load. This is usually quicker and smoother than a full page reload, because Drupal only has to deliver the main page content and not the full page ? and the browser only has to redraw a smaller amount of markup. In addition to this, pjax updates the page URL with the proper page path using HTML5 pushState ? not with #url-fragments that are commonly used with ajax-loaded content. It also updates the page title with the title of the loaded page. In other words, it has all of the benefits of standard page loads (permalinks, SEO), while taking advantage of partial page loads in the browser. Browsers that don't support pushState ? specifically IE < 10 ? will automatically fall back to full page loads. In other words, nothing will break, but the module will not provide any benefits for those browsers. For a quick example of this technique, see the original pjax demo. A more elaborate example is Github's project file browser.


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