Restricts access to premium content by role and provides a general API for other modules to help decide if a user has access to premium content. This is useful on a news or membership site where teasers are available to the general public but the full body is only available to privileged users. Premium nodes appear in listings with full title and teaser available to anyone. If a user does not have adequate privileges, the default behavior is to show a simple message, but you can use Panels or theme overrides to do more custom things. Premium features time settings, so premium status can end (protecting latest content), or begin (protecting archived content) after an admin-defined timeframe. Because this module does not use the node access system, it does not hide items that are unavailable to a user and is more efficient for large sites. Premium Content can be used in conjunction with any node access module to provide advanced access control. This module does not protect uploaded files from unauthorized download. This is a fork/continuation of the original Premium module also found on, and upgrades are supported. Improvements from the original Premium module include: CTools exportables Multiple levels of premium content Panels support Improved API and documentation Many overdue bugfixes


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