Automated XSS scan of your Drupal website through Simpletest. This project is based on SimpleTest library which is developed to execute unit and browser testing of PHP code. SimpleTest is a framework for enabling automated code checking and has a browser component available which can simulate users entering form data or retrieving certain URLs. Within Drupal there is a team focused on the development of this recent module. Anyway, based on the results presented in GHOP ( concerning penetration testing, I would add a vulnerability analysis test for Sql Injection and Cross Site Scripting. This project is inspired by the scanner developed within Yahoo by Rasmus Lerdorf to detect the vulnerabilities in the web application, but that scanner is not open source. Existing tools such as code-checker.php e Coder module's are based on the research of regular expressions within the code, but no tool exists to simulate such attacks to detect vulnerabilities. How to use it


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