Taxonomy Export is a light-weight module for managing exports and imports of vocabularies and terms. Currently the following features are supported: Exporting vocabulary definitions Exporting vocabulary definitions with all terms Creating exports as a text string (ie: like Views and CCK's content_copy) Creating exports as a file Importing vocabulary / term definitions in install profiles, using Install Profile API Updating existing vocabularies and terms, with the following caveats: Updated items must have the same VIDs / TIDs. Just because two things are named the same doesn't make them the same. It is safest to attempt updates only on the same site the export was originally taken from. When updating you must explicitly state (with the dropdown selector) which vocabulary you want to update. Currently, updating vocabularies using the IPAPI function install_taxonomy_export_import_from_file() is not supported. Because of limitations in Drupal's taxonomy.module implementation certain things will, likley, never be possible. For example, detecting malformed imports that could cause collisions.


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